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Jacopo Emmenegger

I am a mathematician with research interests in mathematical logic and category theory, in particular dependent type theories and categorical logic. I obtained a PhD in mathematics at Stockholms universitet in Sweden under the supervision of Erik Palmgren.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Genoa Logic Group at Dipartimento di Matematica (DIMA) of the University of Genoa in Italy. Until December 2022 my position was funded by a scholarship from KoA Wallenbergs Stiftelse.

Previously, I was a Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science of the University of Birmingham in UK, working with Benedikt Ahrens and Paige Randall North. Before that, I held a postdoc position (assegno di ricerca) at DIMA with Pino Rosolini.

I am part of ItaCa, the Italian community of category theorists.

You can also find me on GitHub.



  • A 2-comonad for elementary fibrations. With F. Pasquali and G. Rosolini. In preparation.
  • The solutions to single-variable polynomials, implemented and verified in Lean. With B. Ahrens and N. Dyson. Under review. arxiv:2201.00255.
  • Algebraic presentations of dependent type theories. With B. Ahrens, P. North and E. Rijke. Under review. arxiv:2111.09948.
  • A category-theoretic version of the identity type weak factorisation system. arXiv:1412.0153.

Doctoral dissertation

Here is my full CV. To contact me: emmenegger [at] dima [dot] unige [dot] it